How To Catch The Vintage Style?

When it comes to interior design, fashion, music, and even food trends, we live in a very interesting time. 

The 2020s in itself do not have one defining style or trend. Rather it can be seen that this period has been filled with an amalgamation of different trends from the ages.

Individuals do now, more than ever, have the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way through their interior design choices and taste in music. 

What a time to be alive!

Of course, what still rings true is that just because there isn’t one main form of decor or fashion trend that can be seen, there aren’t trends being followed. 

The past couple of years has seen the rise of many different trends from the past. Boho, 70’s, and even vintage. 

In this blog, we will, of course, be discussing the vintage interior design style, its effects of it on fashion and music, and, if you are a vintage lover yourself, where to find absolute “must-haves” for your home.

What is Vintage Interior Design Style? 

Firstly, understanding what is meant when referring to vintage interior design style

Broadly put, vintage refers to any style that borrows inspiration from past designs. There are many different interior styles that can thus be classified as “vintage”.

The importance of the vintage style, is not what era it’s from, but rather the emotion that it evokes. 

The purpose of vintage items are to make the area feel lived in, and homely.

So any item from the past (wether it is an old item, or a new item inspired by past designs) that adds warmth, depth, and life into a space, can be defined as “vintage”. 

One vintage interior design style that has been making its way to the high streets lately, is the 70’s. It’s quite easy to spot what is part of this design style.

Anything in the brown/organge colour palette with lots of warm wood textures is likely part of this vintage design style. 

In short, fashion and design trends constantly feed each other.

What stays constant is the feeling that that particular design evokes. Interpretations could differ, but the philosophy stays the same. 

Today’s Era, The Era of Self Expression

One thing that stay trues for design trends, is the repetition of trends from the past.

It is not uncommon to see old trends resurfacing every couple of decades. 

This is true especially for the current design trends. 

Now more than ever we are seeing a combination of various styles from the past resurfacing. 

In a way, the current trend can be defined as the “Era of Self Expression”, on that we find ourselves in an era where everything goes. 

There are no “fashion rules”, no one type of fabric, colour, pattern that finds itself exclusively on the runway. 

No, we find ourself in an age where for a large part, individuals have a lot more liberty in their fashion choices. 

From cutting edge sophisticated modern, eclectic, vintage Parisian, boho, 70s… it’s all relevant today. 

The one constant experienced in the current trends is the mixture of trends and eras. 

Music Trends and Vintage

Music, much like interior design, also is currently reflecting fashion trends. 

All these different types seems to be informing each other. Music, just as fashion, is shown to be highly influenced on past trends. 

This is true for both the sound of the music, and how the music is experienced. In terms of sound, there is a new found appreciation and interpretation of old music.

New music is even created in similar, especially acoustic, styles. Next there has also been some very interesting developments in how sound is experienced. 

The use of record players and other vintage equipment is now popular. 

There is a new appreciation for live concerts and band T’s among a new generation of listeners. 

Music once again has become an extension of one’s lifestyle. 

Where to Shop Vintage

In the past, it was more of a challenge shopping for vintage items for both your home and wardrobe, with people being mostly limited to antique stores, or second hand stores.

Today, we are lucky that many brands have embraced this vintage style with newer products. 

There are even many articles and guides online of where the best places to shop are if vintage is your cup of tea.

However, second hand stores have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and stepped up their game. Some truly great and unique pieces can be found.

Another place which is suitable for shopping for vintage items is in markets. Most areas have weekly or monthly vintage markets. 

This is not only a spot for great finds, but also a fun weekend activity. It has in fact become so popular, that it is becoming some of the most loved things to do for tourists.

For instance, in Amsterdam there is a second hand market, that has risen in popularity in terms of the “must do things” as a tourist in Amsterdam. 

Acoustibox: The Perfect Blend of Vintage 

Acoustibox is a blend of all these various types of vintage trends.

Design, fashion, music and how music is experienced.

For those who still love live concerts, band T’s, beautiful music and impeccable style…it’s time to check out an Acoustibox for a seamless extension of the expression of your fashion and lifestyle.

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